volunteer and earn higher sales and shop even earlier


Join Our Team!

We can't run a great event without our precious, hard working  Volunteers.  You get to shop earlier - the more you work, the earlier  you shop.    

 Consignors earn 65% of sales but here are a few ways to earn more money and shop even earlier.  

 Volunteer   for 12+ hours.....Earn 75% of your sales.....shop the Pre-Sale at 4pm  on the first night of the sale.   *To earn 75% you must work one of the  breakdown shifts Saturday evening or Sunday morning within your 12+  hours of volunteer time.

 Volunteer  for 8 hours.......Earn 70% of your sales......shop the Pre-Sale at 5pm

 We're  aware not everyone has time to Volunteer during the sale, so we  have other opportunities available to earn a higher percentage.  You can  earn Volunteer hours by helping us promote the sale such as handing out  flyers, publicizing the sale on social media and in print 
publications, obtaining television and radio spots, and other cool & easy ways.   Please  contact us to learn more. Only a few of these spots are available.